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Growing Your Business
Accessing new markets, clients and business opportunities

Growing your customer base is one of the easiest ways to improve the profitability of your business. In a recent survey, Fenland businesses identified customer growth as having the biggest potential to affect their profits and expansion. 

Venturing into new markets presents so many opportunities for growing businesses and, here at Fenland for Business, we can offer free, impartial guidance to inform your strategic decision-making.

We can also facilitate partnership working and introduce you to local and national organisations that can support your business' growth and development aspirations.


Diversifying and growing your customer base needn't be confined to the domestic market. Exporting overseas may prove viable if your product fills a gap in the market or brings a completely new product or service to the region. 

If you're a company looking to export your goods or services into overseas markets, Fenland for Business can put you in direct contact with the relevant contacts at the Department for International Trade. 

Visit their website for information on trading internationally and for tender opportunities that may be of interest, either now or in the future.

If you wish to tender to export overseas with the government, you can find these advertised on the Exporting is GREAT website which also provides advice on exporting. To find more overseas partners, search the Enterprise Europe Network portal here.


Fenland for Business hosts a number of networking opportunities to create a supportive business environment that encourages organisations in Fenland to work together to overcome barriers to growth and capitalise on fresh opportunities. You may be able to organically generate growth and expansion by working with a new business partner or taking advantage of new processes that a contact has shared.

The Manufacturing Association is helping companies in this established sector foster an environment of collaboration to overcome barriers to growth by sharing best practice, the latest developments in technology and showcasing the latest business news from the Fenland area. 

Fenland for Business also leads on two networking groups within the area. Regular events are currently organised in Chatteris and Wisbech - please visit the news and events page for more details.

Government contracts

One of the quickest ways to grow domestically is to bid for tenders from local government. The Government has made a commitment to contract a greater proportion of work to SMEs to help stimulate the economy and give small businesses the chance to expand and diversify.

Please use the links below to find out more about the following:

We can facilitate new partnerships and arrange for you to be introduced to businesses that can strategically support your growth.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

For over 40 years, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) have been helping businesses across the UK make better use of skills, technology and expertise to improve their competitiveness and efficiency. 

KTPs have a proven track record in helping businesses and social enterprises improve their profitability by providing access to new markets, seeking innovative solutions to business problems and enhancing quality.

Working with an academic institution such as a college or university, businesses can gain access to skills and expertise that will help them develop whilst students can work on specific projects that improve their ability to apply knowledge and theory to real problems to bring about improvements and greater efficiency.

KTPs are part-funded by a government grant particularly. Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) are expected to cover part of the cost, which goes towards paying the students and other academics involved in supporting their work. 


For help expanding into new markets, growing your customer base and business network, talk to Fenland for Business:

Email: business@fenland.gov.uk 

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