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Brexit Information for Businesses

The UK will leave the EU on 31 October 2019. Leaving the EU means businesses may need to prepare for change and are being urged to take action.

Below are a set of useful links to help you and your business:

The Government has produced a seven-point business tool to help Prepare your business for the UK leaving the EU. By answering 7 simple questions the tool helps you find the exact guidance documents relevant to your business, based on specific business criteria including sector, size etc.

Use this tool to find out:

  • what your business may need to do to prepare for the UK leaving the EU
  • what’s changing in your industry
  • information on specific rules and regulations

Several government departments have recently published information on the steps that businesses may need to take to prepare for our exit from the EU, please see updates below.

  • The Border Delivery Group and HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have published a series of short videos and leaflets to help businesses prepare for changes at the UK/EU border in a ‘no deal’ scenario. The videos set out the actions that businesses will need to take to continue to trade in a ‘no deal’ EU Exit, and direct them towards further information available online. Along with a general video and leaflet for all businesses, there are tailored products for specific industries. There are also two deep dive videos available that provide more detail on importing and exporting in a ‘no deal’ scenario. The videos are all available here, and a toolkit will soon be available online with the full range of materials and advice on how to use them to engage with businesses.
  • BEIS also hosts a weekly EU Exit Business Readiness Forum to support businesses to prepare for a no deal scenario. The forum is aimed at business representative organisations, trade associations and professional bodies and provides regular updates on information published by all departments that may be relevant to their members.  LEPs are welcome to attend or to subscribe to the Forum Bulletin to receive weekly updates. BEIS is also keen to support the engagement you are doing to help businesses in your area prepare for EU Exit. If you would like our support, please contact LGEngagement@communities.gov.uk

Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy - Sector Primers  

These sector primers aim to bring together on one webpage the top 3 – 5 issues for each sector and provide guidance.  The primers link through to more detailed material elsewhere on GOV.UK. Please could you pass on to your members and networks. The sectors covered are:  

·       Aerospace  

·       Automotive  

·       Chemicals  

·       Construction and Housing  

·       Consumer Goods  

·       Electricity incl. Renewables  

·       Electronics, Machinery & Parts  

·       Gas Markets  

·       Life Sciences Sector  

·       Mining and Non-metal Manufacturing  

·       Nuclear Sector  

·       Oil and Gas Production  

·       Parcel Delivery Services  

·       Professional & Business Services     

·       Research & Innovation  

·       Retail  

·       Space Sector  

·       Steel  

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs - Sector Primers  

·       Fisheries Sector  

·       Food and Drink Sector  

·       Farming Sector  

·       Veterinary Sector  

Guidance for Importing, exporting and transporting products or goods after Brexit

When the UK leaves the EU there may be changes to UK-EU trade at the UK border including on customs, tariffs, VAT, safety and security, documentation, vehicle standards, and controlled products.

What your business needs to know

The Government has set out a suite of information to assist businesses in preparing your businesses for a ‘no-deal’ Brexit:

  •  How to prepare if the UK leaves the EU with no deal, a guidance on how to prepare for Brexit if there’s no deal  Preparing your business
  • Partnership Pack: preparing for changes at the UK border after a ‘no deal’ EU exit, designed to support businesses preparing for day one if the UK leaves the EU without a deal Partnership pack

Business can also apply for grants, find out what grants you can apply for to get funding for training and IT improvements if your business completes customs declarations. Businesses can apply for 2 grants to help the business complete customs declarations, in preparation for the UK leaving the EU.

Businesses can apply to get funding for:

  • training that helps your employees to complete customs declarations and processes
  • IT improvements to help your business complete customs declarations more efficiently

For more information click here

Brexit Information for Residents can be found by clicking here

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